Sunday, July 25, 2010

Six Week Challenge - Week Two

I had a pretty good week. Not as good as the first week, but pretty good.

I had a three pound weight loss this week which gives me a two week total of seven pounds. I'm pretty happy with that. It seemed like I was more hungry this week than last. I blame that on lack of preparation. It is a lot of work to eat right. This requires shopping, planning, and making sure you have the right foods in the right portions with you before you leave for work. It also requires careful tracking of everything you put in your mouth. It pays off, but it is indeed a lot of work. I slacked a little bit this week and it showed. Today I'm treating myself to a homemade sweet treat and some champagne in honor of my Summer Brunch with Scarlett. I have all week to burn it off!

Slacked off a little here too. I did manage to break out the Shake Weight this week, but only did it once. I think I'm going to take it to work and perform the six minute workout during break. Walking on the treadmill dropped to four times this week. I became rather sick yesterday afternoon and just couldn't bring myself to get on there. I believe my husband and I have both had a little virus, and it's wiped us out. The interesting part about that is, I retreated to the couch, and he played volleyball three nights in a row this week.

Mental Health
Once again; didn't do as well in this category as last week. I allowed some crazy thinking this week and I had a tremendous amount of anxiety. My ears rang most of the week, and they are ringing right now. Usually when this occurs I have anxiety just charging through me. I don't feel that extreme today, but they are still ringing.

Still feeling pretty strong against temptations. Last night the kids asked to go out for Blizzards. Thinking it might make me feel better to get out, I drove them to DQ. I ordered one for each of them and for my husband. I didn't touch any of them. Friday night when we had pizza, I really wanted some. I was still rather full from lunch so I allowed myself one small piece. It really soothed my craving and I walked away after that. I was hungry by bedtime though.

So obviously this week wasn't as great as Week One, but I'll take the three pounds and be happy. Today starts a new week and I'm charged to see where it will take me.

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