Sunday, July 18, 2010

Six Week Challenge - Week One

I have one week under my belt now, and I believe it was a success. Here's my personal tally:

I lost 4 pounds. I was pretty strict with my eating plan, and I do believe I managed to stay within my calorie limitations each day this week. Using the Biggest Loser tool, I kept close track of all my calories, fat, protein, carbs, and sodium. It's work, and you have to plan and track, but I was never hungry. I ate lean meats, fish, and shrimp. I ate fruits and vegetables every day. I fit in lots of whole grains, and skim milk. For my sweet tooth, I worked in half of a dark chocolate bar, and a couple of times I had low fat vanilla ice cream. I drank water every day, and tried to drink iced tea whenever I could instead of diet soda. I believe I had five diet sodas in seven days.

I'm back on the treadmill! I made it back on 5 of the 7 days. The first night I really wanted to bail after the first 15 minutes, and I almost gave myself permission, but then I regrouped and managed to finish 30 minutes, and even included two sprints. I never did pick up the Shake Weight. I'll start on that this week.

Mental Health:
It never fails that when I'm focusing on myself and taking care of myself, I get along better with my husband. I worked hard on letting my "Wise Self" do the thinking and the talking this week, and she didn't have too much trouble asking the other "Selves" to step aside.

Some of the things I was worried about, did indeed happen. One of our customers brought in two packages of cookies, and not one but FOUR kuchens from a local bakery, so there were temptations staring me in the face all day every day while I was at work. One day when the temptation got really great I indulged in two spoonfuls of the butter kuchen. Quenched my craving and I moved on.

For the coming week I'm a little anxious, because I know week two of weight loss is usually much less successful that week one. I know I need to fill out that calorie log every single day (even though I hate it). I have to keep exercising, and this week I need to add some strength training in with my cardio. I've got to keep allowing Wise Self to be in charge, and since some PMS is thrown in this week, I've got to be extra strong against food temptations; particularly chocolate!

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