Friday, July 9, 2010

Back To Reality

After the Mammoth Cave tour, my husband and son wanted to camp overnight. I'm not a camper and it was way too hot, but I have to say, their camp was kind of appealing once it was all set up. My husband has done quite a bit of it and has it down to a science. In no time at all their camp was quite comfy. But as I said, I'm no camper, so my daughter and I loaded back into the car and made the trek to Madison's house for a girl's night in air conditioned comfort.

Once again, another relaxing evening with no stress. I didn't have that constant feeling that I should be cleaning something, or doing something else. Madison was a very gracious host, and I appreciate her letting us spend the evening there. My daughter seemed to enjoy herself too. In all honesty, I think she needed the break as much as I did.

So now we're back home and it's back to reality. Back to work on Monday, and believe it or not, time to start a little "Back to School" planning.

One of my homework assignments from Dr. Eve was to look back through my journal and print out some of the entries that I thought were important. I did that this morning. Several of them stuck out in my mind and I think I picked some really good ones. Another thing that stands out is my discontentment with my job. Make no mistake; things are much better than they were a year ago when I was so stressed I was having migraines, but I'm still not happy there. Work is still stressful and just not fulfilling to me anymore. I don't have the answers for that one. I need the money so I can't just quit, but I have to wonder if there isn't something else out there that would make me feel like I'm making a difference, or maybe just make me feel like I'm not wasting my time. Three years ago I was convinced that flipping houses was the answer. With the economy beginning to turn around, I'm not so sure I shouldn't explore that option again. I've got some experience under my belt now, and I feel like I could do it.

Who knows what will happen? I sure don't.

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