Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015

And It Makes Me Wonder

I was driving to go get some fish sandwiches yesterday, when I saw a man walking down the street with a guitar case. This made me think of a story. Something that happened a long time ago, and it made me smile. 

It was about 1991. Maybe 1992. I was on my way out of town with work. I don't remember where I was going, but I was making a change of planes in Nashville, Tennessee. I had just gotten off my flight, and was headed to another gate for my connection. I was young. In my late 20s with long blonde hair. In those days, when we traveled with work, we had to wear business attire. I remember I was wearing a long dress and black shoes with a small heel. Coming towards me, a good distance away, I spotted a handsome young man with dark wavy hair. He was wearing a checkered shirt, faded blue jeans, and some old cowboy boots. He had a black guitar case strapped to his back. I kept glancing away, then glancing back. As we got closer to each other, my glances turned in to a stare, as he was staring back.  We passed each other, and just kept walking.

Several steps later, something made me look back. I turned around to find him looking back as well. We both smiled at each other and just kept going.

You ever think about things like that, and wonder what if? I do.