Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Glimpse Inside My Head

I have a hundred things to say and no energy to say any of them. My mind is whirling like a tornado. 

Tomorrow is my last session with Kate. 

I'm getting ready to start a new and exciting venture in my life.

I returned a jacket I ordered online, and the company says they never received it. USPS said it was delivered on March 7. Just thinking about tackling that issue makes me want to go to bed and stay there. 

I've been pondering whether or not it's possible to love your life and hate it at the same time. 

I have guilt just typing that sentence.  

Tomorrow I'm seeing a rheumatologist to discuss the situation with my skin. 

Some days I feel like I can't possibly take my job even one more day. 

These are some of the thoughts I'm having, yet I don't have the energy to elaborate on any of them. I am so tired.