Thursday, May 17, 2012


Our series of letters to our 20 year old selves evoked a great deal of emotion in many of us. Some people told me they really struggled with what to write. One person who is not a reader of Detach, told me they had been thinking about this for days, and had thought of many things they would say to their young self, but all of it was so devastating, they could barely stand to think about it.

I think it's interesting to think of the hard lessons learned in life, and how we wish we knew then, what we know now. What might we have done differently? Oh how much pain and heartache we might have saved ourselves.

As for me, I think I took the challenge too lightly. I've written so many serious thoughts about myself in this journal, I just couldn't bear to write them all again.

I'll move away from this series, but in the coming days, if anyone has thoughts they'd like to add, please feel free to send them. Thanks to everyone who shared their letters.

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