Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear Young Nodrog

I am very excited to have a letter from a male reader! This is a long time friend of mine, who is relatively new to "Detach". I love getting a male perspective on some of these issues and ideas. Thanks for sending this is in, Nodrog.

Dear Nodrog,

You graduated from U of L on May 19th, 1990. You were 21, and after the best four years of your life, you reluctantly started a PhD program in the Fall. It was a more focused experience than you thought you were ready for. Think again. You were ready for it. It was a mistake to leave it. You should have stayed at home for a few more years and gotten your doctorate. You would have been teaching for a bit, which wasn't something that interested you, but it would have opened doors in ways we'll never know. You had three distinct decades which made you what you are today. You experienced the most challenging, interesting, and exciting times of your life during the eighties. The nineties were a period for you to explore new things~ you got an apt and started having girlfriends. There was also turbulence during the nineties: You began drinking and driving. You luckily stopped that behavior as you moved into the first decade of the 21st century: You bought a house, quit your job, and took a few years to reflect on things. Midway through the 00's, you decided to get a job again, and see what would happen next. Nothing really does happen next.


Mystical said...

Dear Nodrog...I know of a book that you should read...everyone should read it! It's a quick read and I love the message. It's called The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo.

Gordon said...

I will look for that at the library. Thank you for the suggestion! Two books that come to mind I identify with are Haruki Murakami's Dance, Dance, Dance, and James Hilton's Lost Horizon.