Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Father / Daughter Dance

As much as I may try to deny it, I'm so much like my father.

Tonight I was talking to him about buying another house, a fixer upper. This time, possibly to rent. I was telling him how my husband thought it was a crazy idea. Then my dad said the funniest thing. He said "Your mother thought I was crazy every time I ever bought a house." He told me that when he took my mom to see the home that we lived in when I was a child (the one next door to Mrs. Crevistan), she said "I wouldn't live in this house if you paid me. I hate it." Then she walked out and went back to the car. He bought it anyway.

The first time I bought a house to flip, my dad told me that I got that crazy hobby of buying and selling houses from him. It was his passion as a younger man, and made him quite a bit of money. He always saw potential in houses, and loved fooling around with them.

So not only did I inherit my dad's fascination with real estate, but I also understand a little more about myself. Straight laced control freak marries fiesty woman with addictive behaviors, then does whatever in the hell he wants to do, even if she doesn't like it.

Sound familiar?

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