Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This And That

Does it mean that I'm not a dedicated person, or not committed to relationships because I am totally unable to follow "The Love Dare"? I'm not really sure about that, but I am still struggling with that "not saying anything negative" thing from Day One.

"The Love Dare" is a great book, based on the teachings of the Bible, and it's loaded with great exercises, but I'm just too tired to mess with it right now. I'm just being honest. If you want to take the challenge, and start fresh with Day One, I'll gladly loan you my copy. Hopefully you will be more dedicated than I was, and will have success.

I'm trying very hard to stay focused and not let the hectic Christmas season get the best of me. On top of holiday shopping, we've encountered $1200 in car repairs this month, $200 in washer repairs, and numerous other unexpected expenses totaling up to about another thousand dollars. Last week I bumped in to a coworker's Cadillac when exiting the parking lot at work, causing $507 in damages. I'm not sure where all this money will come from, but I know it will come. Maybe somehow it's an answer to a prayer, who knows?

I feel like I have dozens of questions that I need answers to, and I'm not sure I'll ever get any of them. I'm warding off holiday depression, but rest assured it's looming right outside my door.

I'm looking forward to seeing most all of my readers in the coming days. I had a nice lunch with Scarlet yesterday, Madison today, and Miss Pamela tomorrow. I only hope I don't gain a bunch of weight making all this merry!

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Mystical said...

Car repairs old Honda is going to cost me $3400 so I feel your pain my friend.