Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Steven Tyler Part 2

When I first heard that Steven Tyler had agreed to be a judge on American Idol, I was worried. Was he selling out? Was he even sober right now? I'd heard rumors he was not. But the beautiful, wonderful, brilliant bad boy has come through again...in what I think is a very interesting way.

After the second or third episode aired, I got a call from a coworker. A good friend of mine, black lady about 57 years old. When I answered the phone, Joyce said "I hear you are trying to move in on my man!" I laughed, and asked what she meant. "Steven Tyler! I love him! But everytime I mention him, at least one person brings up your name!" Joyce went on to tell me she'd heard of Aerosmith, but never really knew anything about Steven Tyler. But she quickly fell for his charm after only a little taste on Idol.

That would only be the first of such calls I would receive. A couple of weeks later my friend Bunco Becky called. Bunco Becky said to me, "I've never been able to stand Steven Tyler. I couldn't even look at him before, but I just LOVE him on American Idol!!". I told Bunco Becky that he's just the same as he's always been, and maybe she just never took the time to see what he was about!

Then, a few days ago Miss Pamela called to tell me that her coworker, a proper lady in her mid 60's, had admitted she was quite smitten with Steven Tyler now that she'd seen him on Idol. In fact I believe her words were "He's kinda sexy!"

And these three aren't alone. Sales of Aerosmith records have skyrocketed since Steven Tyler went on the show and a whole new audience has discovered his charm. With his sordid past, he definitely deserves Mary's MILF status, but we'll save that for another day. For now, I can't wait to keep watching to see him on Idol, and I'm thrilled for his success. I'm holding my breath to see how it goes when the show goes live. Censors, start your engines!!

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