Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reel It Back In

I mentioned before that Miss Pamela recently gave me a book called "The Book of Awakening". The message this weekend seemed appropriate for me right now, and maybe for you too. I think I'll put it into my own words and share.

It's very easy for us not to live in the moment. The writer of the book is a cancer survivor and he uses this example. "In diagnosis I feared surgery. In surgery I feared treatment. In treatment, I feared stronger treatment. In recovery, I fear recurrence".

Sometimes it's not easy to center yourself in the moment at hand. When Dr. Eve had me think of each part of my personality that plays a part in who I am, one of the major players was Chicken Little. It's very easy for me to think I can predict the future, and I often think the sky is falling. It's very hard for me to pull myself back into the now and focus soley on that place.

No one can avoid this straying, but our health depends on the breath that stops us from straying further. No matter how far we've gone, it is the practice of returning to whatever moment we are living in now that restores us.

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