Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lost Item: Send Search Party

If you know Scarlett, you know that she has a lot of stuff. She saves items from concerts, trips, and events. She still has all her childhood toys and school lunch boxes, books, and magazines. Most of these items can be found pretty quickly. She could produce just about any item she's looking for in a matter of a few minutes. But occasionally Scarlett loses something. And when she does, it's no secret, a bit of panic ensues. Scarlett has often written about her full scale searches for assorted items in her blog. Sometimes the whole family gets in on the search. But until the lost item is found, Scarlett is a mess.

I'm writing about this because driving in to work this morning, I realized this is exactly how I feel right now. Inside the hurricane which is my head, I feel like I'm frantically searching for a lost item. Problem is; I'm not sure what the item is, which makes the search for it utterly exhausting. I only know I can't find it, and I want it back.

I started to assemble a search party, but I decided it just has to be me who finds it on my own.

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