Sunday, April 3, 2011

Time To Bit The Bullet

For some time now, I have been riding the roller coaster which is depression and anxiety. I've been to my share of counseling over the years and have read a box full of self help books. On Thursday I am biting the bullet and seeing a psychiatrist.

My feelings about this are all over the map. I know she will tell me I need to take some type of drug. I know drugs don't fix problems. I know drugs like anti-depressants have side effects, and no one really knows the long term affects of taking them. But we do know the long term affects of stress, anxiety, and depression. They include premature aging, heart attack and stroke, and in some cases; death. So if taking them for awhile can get me out of this funk I'm in, I'm willing to try.

In the meantime, I'm off work for a few days, and it's sunny. These two things alone have drastically lifted my spirits, and I'm hopeful for a few days of relaxation and fun with my kids.

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