Monday, June 17, 2013

What's Your Return Policy?

I'm continuing to have dreams about parting with things, and then feeling extremely sad about it. Since my last post about the subject, I have dreamt again about selling my home. Last night, I dreamed I sold my car. In both cases I was very upset and remorseful afterward.

I believe these dreams continue to symbolize the fact that I am absolutely terrified of change.

Kitty and I have a long-standing joke about always needing a "takeback ". She doesn't like to buy anything she can't take back,  should she suddenly change her mind.  

When you're speaking of life changes, some come with takeback options--most do not.   For someone like me, this is terrifying. So what do you do? When is it time to take a chance? Perhaps more importantly,  when is it not?  When should you continue to hang on for dear life?

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kitty said...

I made a decision to move to S. Florida...really became distraught that I couldnt take it I,m living with it...soon closing on a lovely space for me and my husband.
Scared to Death :0
it's always something. glad you found your journal ...