Friday, June 7, 2013

June 50

My June 50 is one I didn't see coming. It was actually an unexpected, and very pleasant surprise. 

Stan is a guy I went to high school with. he was very close with Scarlet. They've kept in contact throughout the years. This past winter, Scarlet asked me to go with her to pay a visit to Stan.  He now owns a coffee shop in a nearby small town. So we made a fun late morning road trip to visit him. We had a great time drinking coffee, and sampling assorted food items Stan had concocted. I enjoyed his company, and his shop very much. 

So the other day I noticed lots of well wishes for Stan's 50th birthday. I sent him a message and explained my "50" series, and asked if he would mind sharing some thoughts on this milestone birthday. I absolutely love what Stan wrote. It actually made me a little emotional. Like Stan himself, It seemed very heartfelt and genuine, and I'm so grateful he shared it.  Here are Stan's words:

"I know that every day is a blessing and am grateful for each and every one. I have been blessed with a marvelous life, full of fun and friends and few disapointments.  But a number like 50 makes an impression. I know realistically that life is winding down. I'm on the back side. However, at what point do you feel that today begins the unraveling of everything that has come before?  I have not felt that yet, even today!  Hopefully I won't ever feel that, but ask me again when I'm 60". 

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