Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two Story House

Sometimes I have nightmares that I no longer live in this house. I sold it. My dream home. The place where I'm most comfortable.  Gone. I've had this dream several times, and I always wake up distraught. Why did I sell my home?? My plan was to live here for the rest of my life!  Then I feel relief that I'm awake, and  it was all a dream. It's very emotional. 

But this house is part of the reason for my discontent. It's a big financial obligation. All of my money is tied up here. An enormous amount of emotion, both positive and negative, is also tied up here. 

I often wonder if my life would be different if this house was out of the picture. Would it be better?  Would it be worse?  Would it be the same?

I know it's a building--made of wood and brick. It does not define me. It should not have the power to make me happy or sad.  But it does. 

And tonight...I'm very sad. 

"I've got my story
And I've got mine too
How sad it is
We now live
In a two story house"

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