Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lose Your Quit

I'm happy to report that I'm feeling much better now that the holidays are behind me, and I'm back on track with eating. In fact, I lost 4lbs this week! I can tell I'm back "in the zone" because yesterday at the hairdresser's, someone brought in Burger King and my hair dresser made the comment "No one asked if I wanted any!". Instead of thinking "Oooooh, a Whopper sounds goooood", I said "They did you a favor! You don't need that crap food!". Then I knew it was on.

By now you know that my favorite television show is "The Biggest Loser", and my favorite contestant from the show is Danny Cahill, Season 8 winner. I had the pleasure of meeting Danny back in the fall, and had my picture taken with him. Danny's motto is "Lose Your Quit". You know what it means--start your diet on Monday, lose it somewhere around mid-week, then vow to start over again the following Monday. At some point in this cycle, your brain keeps telling you to quit.

Danny is living proof that breaking the quitting cycle will get results. He lost 239lbs to be the Biggest Loser and has kept it off.

The photo in this post was taken the night Sara and I saw Danny speak at her church. That night, Sara bought us both bracelets that read "Lose Your Quit". I'm putting my band on today as a reminder that I need to keep moving forward.

If there's a goal in your life that you keep quitting on, you may want to think about Losing Your Quit too!

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