Wednesday, January 5, 2011


One of the greatest Christmas gifts I received this year was a book, given to me by Miss Pamela. I have a feeling the book will give me plenty of Detach material for the coming year. The more I think about what I read, the more interesting it becomes to me.

The thought I read about today was about layers. Well, sort of.

We are born with a pure soul. An inner peace. As we grow, layers and layers of worries and problems pile up on top of our soul. Resentment, anger, greed, shame, bitterness, guilt, and regret build up one layer after another until our soul becomes buried. When this happens, we become disconnected from our soul—disconnected from God.

Only when we figure out how to dig through the layers and return to that pure place deep within us, will we find ourselves again. Only then we will truly reconnect with God and our true selves.

Maybe life on this earth is one big test to see if we can figure out how to be happy before we die. To see if we can figure out how to dig through the layers and get back to that true spot from which we came.

It's 9:00. Do you know where your soul is?

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