Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's The Law

My 13 year old son texts more than he talks. In my nightmares I dream about him having a driver's license in three years. I see him out on the road just texting away behind the wheel, and it terrifies me.

We've all heard the statistics, time and time again. We know how dangerous it is to text and drive. It's just as dangerous to dial the phone while driving. Anything that takes our eyes off the road, even for a second, dramatically increases our chances of being in an accident. But we all do it anyway, don't we? We preach and preach about the dangers, but we still do it anyway.

This week, a new law went in to affect that bans texting and driving in my town. I wonder if it will do any good? After all, we have laws requiring the use of seat belts, yet you can glance over at any red light in town and you'll find plenty of people, and their young children, riding around beltless.

We've become a society that wants instant gratification, and wants to be connected at all times. We can not, and will not wait until we've arrived at our destination to make a phone call. Sometimes I call people on the ride home from work just because I'm bored.

But I'm proud to say I have not sent a text message from behind the wheel all week. Not even while sitting at a red light (it doesn't count if you're sitting still, right?). I'm not stopping because it's the new law; I'm stopping because it's foolish. And I'm cutting down on phone calls while driving too. So if you call me and I don't answer....dont' get mad; leave a message. I'll call you when I get home.

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