Saturday, January 8, 2011

Follow Up

Just a follow up to the previous entry. Last night I was driving home from work and it happened. I heard the chime. I'd just received a text. Immediately, I thought of my vow not to text and drive. I wondered if it was one of my family members, needing me to pick up something on the way home? I wondered if it was a friend in need? It took everything I had in me to wait until I got to the red light to look down and see who the text was from (red light texting has been my angle all along). It was one of my employees. I glanced up and saw the light was still red. Should I read it? I did. The employee was asking a simple question that required a yes or no answer. Should I go for it at the light???? I decided not to. I knew I would be at my destination in about 15 minutes, and knew this answer could wait a minute. When I pulled safely into my parking space, I answered the text.

I'm being brutally candid here. Most people know it's politically correct to say they don't text and drive, but we know we do it anyway. I'm just being honest about it.

Why have we become so obsessed with staying connected 24/7? Why do we feel this need to be "available" at all times? I can see this is a habit that is going to take awhile to break.

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