Sunday, January 18, 2015

Scent Of A Woman: Part Three

I don't recall wearing perfume later in high school.  But when I started college I found one that I liked.

I became friends with this girl in my program. For the life of me, I can't remember her name. Anyway, she smelled really good, so I asked what she was wearing, and she pulled a small bottle out of her purse and let me spray it on. The fragrance with Lauren by Ralph Lauren.  I liked the way it smelled on me, so I went to the store and bought my own bottle. It would become my first "stolen" fragrance. 

Lauren became my signature fragrance for the next couple of years. It is a vast departure from all my other fragrances. Instead of light and sweet it was woody and pretty strong. To this day, it is the strongest fragrance I have ever worn. I only use a tiny dab of it.  I still have a bottle of it from back then, and once in a while, in the winter, I spray some on. 

I always liked Lauren very much, and still do. But I never truly loved her. She just wasn't the right fit for me. Too many rules.  Did I spray on too much?  Is this the wrong season?  I don't like rules. 

Lauren is still available today.

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