Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Scent Of A Woman: Part One

For me, women's fragrances are broken up into three categories:
About 75% of them give me an excruciating headache. 
About 24% of them smell really nice on other people, but when I try them for myself, they give me an excruciating headache. 
About 1% of them work very well for me, in which case I typically become quite attached.

I was getting dangerously low on my current favorite, so that was essentially all I asked for this past Christmas. Just get me a bottle of my perfume. It seemed like a simple enough request.  So I was totally devastated when I got the news that the designer had stopped making it. 

A signature fragrance is hard to find. Once you find it, you fall in love with it. It shares your most intimate moments. It touches your most intimate parts. You tend to stay with it a very long time, and may only have a few in your lifetime.  This makes it much like a lover.  Perhaps that is why it is so hard when the relationship ends.  Especially if you weren't quite ready for it. After all, break ups are much easier to get over if it was your idea.

This led me to reminisce about fragrances I have loved in the past.  I decided it would be an interesting mini series to talk about the ones I have worn, and where I was in my life when I loved them. Stay tuned--my next entry will uncover he the mystery behind the fragrance.

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