Saturday, November 24, 2012

What I Do, What I Know, What I Think

Some people tell me I deserve more, and I continually settle for second best.
Some people tell me maybe I expect too much.

I follow my head, and I'm unfulfilled.
I follow my heart, and it usually ends up broken.

Sometimes I am very anxious.
Sometimes I am very sad.
Sometimes I feel hopeless.
Sometimes I feel paralyzed with fear.
Sometimes I feel very hopeful.
Sometimes I feel very happy.

I know that I over think.
I know that I often create my own chaos.
I know that I am good.
I know that I have a lot to give.
I know that I am very, very blessed.

I have chosen the life I have.
I have made some very bad choices.
I have made some very good choices.

I won't give up.
I will keep working.
I will keep learning.
I will keep growing.

Life is complicated.

God has promised me I am always exactly where I'm supposed to be; exactly where He wants me, right at this moment.

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