Thursday, November 29, 2012

Best Christmas Ever

I have very fond memories of Christmases when I was a kid. I would lie under the tree for hours, in awe of the colored lights reflecting off the silver tinsel. In those carefree days, I could tell you exactly how many gifts were marked with my name. I knew how they felt, how they sounded, and loved trying to guess what treasure they might contain.

This leads me to remember some of my all time favorite gifts from those days.

This is Dancerina. She was a hot item during the Christmas of 1968, which would have been my 5th birthday. I wanted her so badly. She was a big doll. At the time, she seemed as big as me. She had golden hair and a pink ballerina suit, with swell pink tights. She wore a pink plastic crown. When you maneuvered the crown, Dancerina would spin around. I was so thrilled to get her. I played with her non stop. But Dancerina met a quick demise. She got hold of some bad batteries. They corroded in her and she was ruined.I was so devastated,my parents got me a replacement Dancerina. That was great, but she didn't look, feel, or dance exactly the same as the original.

I loved that doll.

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Gordon said...

Bad batteries suck.