Friday, August 13, 2010

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

A couple of weeks ago I picked up my crop share box, and I noticed there was a small watermelon sitting next to it. I brought it home and sat it in the kitchen. A few days later my son (who loves watermelon) asked if I would cut it. Imagine my surprise when I noticed the flesh inside was yellow!

I cut a slice for my son, then one for myself. It just looked funny, so I was not really expecting much. I would like to report that I was very pleasantly surprised. In fact, I'm hooked! The yellow watermelon is seedless, sweeter than traditional watermelon, and less messy to eat. The texture is a little more dense and it was less watery.

If you like watermelon, even a little, I highly recommend trying the yellow version. You can pick one up at a farmer's market near you!!

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