Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ooooh, Let's Go Shopping!

I'm off from work today, and among other things, I plan to take my kids shopping to buy school shoes. The other night I was talking with someone very close to me about all the "back-to-school" tasks, and I made the comment about how much I loved going shopping for school clothes when I was a kid. Mom and I would make a day of it and I would get several new outfits and a new pair of shoes. Usually we'd have lunch at a restaurant, and then when my Dad got home from work and the dinner dishes were cleared, I would have my own little fashion show and model all the new things for him. Even though I never looked forward to going back to school, it was a very fun day. I noticed the person I was speaking with got a strange look on their face. There was a very brief silence and that person said "I hated that time. We never had any money for new clothes or shoes and we had to rummage our closets for old clothes that would still fit. It was very embarrassing to start the new school year with old, worn out clothes and shoes".

This was sobering to me. I grew up in a home where we had everything we needed, and most of what we wanted, but it's clear to me that is not the case with many kids. Last night Scarlett's church held a backpack fair, where families from a local school could come and get donated backpacks and school supplies. Scarlett volunteered her time to work there. We don't always know the situation of the families around us. Even the ones very near to us. So I commend Scarlett for volunteering, and even though I took it for granted way back when, I thank the Good Lord that I was provided for, and that my husband and I are able to provide for our children.

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