Sunday, August 8, 2010

Six Week Challenge - Week Four

Right about now I wish I'd never accepted this challenge from myself because I'm feeling defeated.

I'm up one pound which totally SUCKS. This gives me a pathetic four week total of 6 lbs. I didn't follow the plan, I gave in to a couple of temptations and it shows. This is a perfect example of how every calorie counts. Most meals I ate this week were from the plan, but all it takes is throwing in an item or two every day that isn't, and you've sabbotaged yourself.

I got on the treadmill one time this week, and once again, I'm paying for it. I felt awesome after I walked earlier in the week, but I allowed some weeknight obligations and the "I'm still sick" card to stop me. Once again, this illustrates how one piece of the puzzle knocks the whole picture out of whack.

Mental Heatlth
I'm feeling good, other than one unresolved issue that is looming over my head. I'm in a good place mentally, so I should be able to stay focused.

I was way too hungry when I picked up the family's Friday night pizza. I ate four pieces. Last Sunday I watched "Cupcake Wars" on Food Network and I've been craving a cupcake ever since. When I say craving a cupcake, I mean I think about it every day and I even dreamt about it one night. I was pretty weak against food temptations this week.

I'm not giving up on this challenge. I've got two weeks left, and now I'm pissed with myself, so maybe I'll get off my ass and do something about it instead of sitting around thinking and talking about it.

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