Saturday, May 30, 2015

Weekend Update

Day Six:

The outbreak I had earlier this week was a major set back. I will have these bumps for weeks and I am still itching terribly. I still can't be sure exactly what caused that to happen.  The day I saw my dermatologist (Day Two), I was already feeling it coming on. Since I was still having outbreaks, he ruled out my blood pressure medicine, as I had been off of it for a month. He instructed me to resume taking it since my blood pressure was creeping up. Within 24 hours I had a big outbreak. I can't be sure if it was from resuming the medication, or from the nut products. I took the blood pressure medicine for two days, and then visited my general practitioner, who prescribed something else for blood pressure,  A totally different class of drugs. I am so gun shy, I haven't even taken it yet. I want to be on as little medication as possible, and eat as clean as possible.

As for the food cleanse, it is going pretty well. I have only waivered from the plan a couple of times, once with a fried food, once with a gluten/sugar.  The good news is, I am down 7 pounds since Labor Day! Essentially I am eating a very clean, low carb diet, with no alcohol and I guess that is why.  I also seem to have reduced swelling and bloating with a healthier diet. No MSG's or other preservatives. 

And the beat goes on....

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