Sunday, May 24, 2015

Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures

So it's coming up on seven months now since I first had a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic prescribed to me for an infected bug bite.  I regularly hear from people, "Now what is wrong with you again?". I will try to explain now. 

I am continuing to have new breakouts regularly, and I itch continuously. My skin looks freakish. I gained about 20 pounds from taking steroids all winter, and I seem to be swollen or retaining water in my legs and belly. This is something I have not experienced before, except during late pregnancy. 

I have made multiple trips to my dermatologist, and have worked with an allergy/immunology specialist, who was convinced there was a problem with my immune system--that it was unable to shut itself off after attacking such a severe allergic reaction. After extensive testing, that proved not to be the case. This specialist told me he was unable to help me further, and sent me back to the dermatologist. Both of my doctors, and three other doctors I saw during a visit to the ER a while back, believe the severe reaction in October triggered new allergies that I may have never had before. But what?  None of their suggestions are working. Interestingly, no one has done any type of patch testing, grid testing or allergy testing. A biopsy I had in December indicated the continued rash was caused from a drug reaction, which is difficult to identify with skin testing. Basically it is process of elimination.  I have eliminated or changed all but one drug I take orally each day, which leads us to the possibility that the culprit is a drug or chemical in food or possibly a cosmetic.  I see my dermatologist again this coming Tuesday, and fear he will tell me to stop taking or using one more item and come back again in another month. I am growing increasingly frustrated, and feel it is time for me to try something on my own. 

Anyone who has read this blog for awhile,  knows that I went through a somewhat militant phase a few years ago regarding our food supply.  Drugs in our meats, pesticides in our fruits and vegetables. A host of chemicals and preservatives in anything prepackaged. The list goes on an on. I try to eat as clean as possible, but it is sometimes difficult. 

In the coming days I plan to try a 21 day food cleanse. I will eliminate known allergens such as dairy and gluten. I will only eat organic, grass fed meat, and free range, organic poultry. Fish, organic vegetables and eggs. And possibly the most difficult for me, I will eliminate alcohol; particularly wine and beer which contain a host of allergens. After 21 days of clean eating, I can reintroduce dairy and or gluten, and other foods to see if they spark a reaction.  it will be hard for me to stay on track. Life is busy, and "cheap and convenient" is such a temptation.  I have been incredibly busy at work, and the next two weeks will be even worse. There is a McDonald's directly across the street from my office, and a restaurant/bar down the hall!!  That is why I have to plan ahead. Also, I need to be accountable, so I will post my progress and my findings in this journal.  Maybe this will help with my lack of desire to write and post. If I have any readers left out there, I hope you will stay tuned.