Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Reflections

Yes, I'm still alive. 

Let me attempt to catch you up. 

I'm eating too much again, but not drinking so much. 

I continue to suffer from writer's block, even though I think of interesting things to write about all the time. 

Sometimes I feel I am the most hated person I know. Other times, the most loved. 

Nothing ever seems crystal clear to me. Ever. Things are always grey, and it's very hard for me to trust myself and my decisions. 

I feel my 20 year roller coaster ride has now entered a tunnel. I'm whizzing through it at lightning speed, and I'm fucking terrified. I'm not sure how long the tunnel might be, or what is waiting at the other end. Maybe the end of the ride. Maybe not. I'm not really sure who gets to decide that. 

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