Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Anxious Snowflakes

I'm sitting here on this Thanksgiving Eve, drinking coffee, watching snow flurries haphazardly fly through the air on a very cold, 28° morning. I was just thinking how those snow flurries remind me of the thoughts in my head sometimes. They are flying in all different directions. Some of them even seem to be going up. No purpose, no direction,  just whirling through the air out of control.  Funny thing is, if I take a photograph of them, they look normal, because they are still. It's only when you see them in motion you are able to recognize how anxious they seem. 

Tomorrow I will have about 20 family members at my home. Only 11 will be eating dinner. Normally, my brain would feel just like those crazy snowflakes. But as I sit here today, I feel very calm. I feel excited that I will get to see my two little great-nephews from Minnesota. I feel happy that my daughter will put on her "Diva In Training" apron and make dumplings. 

I am thankful for the peace I have this morning, and hope it can somehow last throughout this hectic holiday season. 

To all my friends and readers, I wish you Happy Thanksgiving. No matter how unfair or crazy our lives seem, no matter how out-of-control,  we really must focus on the positive. Our blessings, and all the things we have to be thankful for.

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