Saturday, October 26, 2013

September 50

I realize it is the end of October, but due to my procrastinating, and lack of enthusiasm for writing, I neglected to post my September 50 birthday. 

My dermatologist and I have had a lot of banter over the past 15-20  years. He is three months older than me. We constantly tease about age. I saw him in September for my yearly skin check, and he immediately started off with some comment about me being 50. I told him I didn't hit that milestone until December. But! I remembered his birthday was in September. He laughed and told me he had just had his birthday a few days before. To quote my doctor "Everyone here at the office dressed in black that day. They had black balloons and streamers everywhere. They loved it. Turning 50 was no big deal to me. As long as I can still get out on the golf course, I don't really care. I just let them have their fun". 

After a clean bill of health (thank goodness), I was ready to leave. He wished me luck on my milestone and said "Hope I don't see you again until next year". 

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