Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 50

I was born in 1963. So were all my classmates. Now, practically every week, one of us is turning 50.

It's no secret I'm dealing with lots of "feelings" concerning this milestone, but it's very interesting to me to see how turning half a century old is affecting all of us in a seemingly different way. So I decided to do what I always do when I want to study something....I'm writing about it.

In January it was Scarlett who hit the Big Five O. She seemed unscathed by it--almost as if she was welcoming it. I really don't think it phased her very much. I don't think Scarlett shares my fear of aging. She seems content. She's in a good place right now, and is working on some exciting and promising ventures. She had a very nice party, surrounded by family and friends. Scarlett is our January 50.

There were a couple of people who hit the milestone in February. One of them being my ex husband. I have no idea what his life has become, after a serious car crash 10-15 years ago. Last I heard, he'd had 19 surgeries following that accident. But he's not the feature February birthday. That honor belongs to Rebecca.

When 2013 began, only a few weeks ago, Rebecca did not know she had cancer. In the weeks since then, she was diagnosed, and a week ago, had surgery to remove the affected body parts, and a few neighboring ones. She's now awaiting the pathology report. The weekend before the surgery, she wore a purple feather boa and went out on a party bus with her friends to celebrate her 50th.

The doctors are optimistic, and lots of people are pulling for Rebecca. She has a great attitude and is as ready as possible for her fight.

We just don't know what surprises life has in store for us.

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