Friday, February 8, 2013

My Mom

Today would have been my mom’s 79th birthday.

I posted this photo of her on Facebook, and got some really wonderful responses. My mother loved music, and I thought it was so wonderful that my friend Scarlett noted that my mother was one of the first people to encourage her with her music. My mom loved singing on the porch while her brothers played guitar, banjo, and mandolins. Music made her happy and singing was in her blood. To know that she may have played some role in encouraging Scarlett to continue playing guitar would have made her so happy!

But perhaps my favorite comment was from my cousin Tammy. Tammy is a few years younger than me, and grew up way back in the hills of Kentucky. Her mother (my mom’s sister) was very conservative and plain, and wore dresses, no makeup, and pulled her hair back in a bun. Pretty much the complete and total opposite of my mother.

Tammy is a beautiful woman now and a new grandmother. So yesterday, when she saw this photo, and my post about my mom she commented “She was such a beautiful lady. When I was a little girl, I thought that she was a movie star that would come to visit a few times every year”.

I cannot stress enough how much my mother would have absolutely LOVED that comment.
I miss you mom!

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Gordon said...

I definitely see you in your mother's picture - Very pretty.