Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Mom

When I was a kid, we didn't have DVR. When you watched television, there was no pausing the show and resuming at your convenience. If you had something you needed to do, you had to do it during the commercial break, or miss your show. So Mom and I would play a game in the evenings during television time. When a commercial break came, we'd jump up from our chairs, race to our bedrooms, put on our pajamas, and see who could get back to their spot first. In those days my mom was young, healthy, and pretty fast. I had to bust my ass if I had any chance at beating her. Sometimes we'd stub our toe while running back, sometimes our buttons would be crooked, sometimes we ran into each other like figure 8 cars, crossing paths as we re-entered the room. The pajama race was always good for some big laughs, at least for my mom and me. My dad didn't seem to think it was too funny. But for me, this is a very fun and happy memory. Just me and my mom acting silly.

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