Thursday, February 23, 2012

Still My Hero

One of the narrow minded people I know was on Facebook the other day spouting off something about Michelle Obama needs to be working on something "important" instead of worrying so much about what everyone is eating.

Today a delivery man I know came into work and struck up a conversation. This guy is every bit as large as the big guys on Biggest Loser. He never wears a coat, even in the dead of winter. He proudly tells me "I'm a fat guy, I'm hot all the time." So today he was telling me about the wild evening he had last night trying to please everyone in the family for dinner. He ended up getting "the baby" (age 3) three tacos from Taco Bell. We've all heard the statistic. This generation of American children are the first in history, not expected to have a longer life span than their parents. This is a perfect example of why that is.

Michelle Obama, you just keep on fighting the good fight. I wish I had bad ass arms like yours.

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kitty said...

I love your blog; just sayin