Wednesday, February 29, 2012

God Bless Mary....Now And Zen

I had the strangest experience when I got home from work tonight. I was alone in the kitchen and felt stuffy, so I opened the window. The nicest breeze began to blow in; just like the one I felt that day in the parking lot at work a couple of years ago when I felt like my mom was sending me a hug.

It was very quiet--unusually quiet for my busy household. I took a moment to let the breeze roll over me; to smell the fresh cool air. My wind chimes were blowing in the wind, making the most wonderful, soothing melody. I closed my eyes and remembered the sunny, perfect autumn day I bought those chimes, years ago. I was at a little country store outside town with my husband and my parents, and when I heard them I fell in love with them.

That's when the strange part came. Suddenly, I had this incredible sense of peace come over me. Almost a zen feeling. Just peace, quiet, and well...peace. I just felt like somehow, some way, everything was going to be okay. It was such a strange feeling, that for a moment I actually wondered if I had died and was having some sort of out of body experience. How could one go from such utter chaos in the brain, to such peace so quickly? Prayer, I think. Not only have people been sending me strength through their prayers, but I have been praying, asking God to show me peace. Asking Him to give me a sign. I believe I got that sign, and I also believe I got the peace. At least for tonight.

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