Wednesday, August 3, 2011

River Ghost

My husband just came home from a weekend adventure trip. He and a buddy canoed down a river and set up camp on the banks at a cove. While exploring, they came upon an old abandoned church and cemetery from the 1800's, which is an historic landmark in the area. While my husband was telling us about walking around looking at old graves, and about cave explorers who had been lost in the area, and never found, I made the comment that I hoped he didn't bring any ghosts home with him.

About that time I heard something in the kitchen. It sounded like dishes clanking together. There was silence, and I asked if anyone else heard it. My husband and daughter both said they did. My daughter got up to check to see if her brother had come upstairs and gone into the kitchen. It wasn't him. We laughed it off and forgot about it.

Then about 6:00 this morning, my husband got up to go to the bathroom and heard more clanking coming from the kitchen. Was it the river ghost? If it was, he must be hungry! My husband walked in to the kitchen slowly and quietly, and concluded that the noise was coming from inside the corner kitchen cabinet. The one that swivels around in a circle. Slowly, he walked over and turned the cabinet to open it. That's when the creature revealed itself! One of our cats had gotten in there! We estimate she must have gone in around 9:00 p.m. when my husband opened the cabinet to get a pot holder. Seems she had a little overnight camping trip of her own!

I keep telling this particular kitty that curiosity killed the cat. I hope she'll listen!

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