Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just Tellin' The Truth

I'm beaten down tonight, friends. Day after day, week after week of brutal heat is taking it's toll on me. It's too hot to sit outside after work, so I feel like some type of shut in. It's too hot to sleep well at night, and too hot to cook. Besides the heat, I had to go through the pain last night of saying goodbye once again to Kitty, who spent a wonderful couple of weeks here at home. We got to share a lot of quality time, and had a great visit, but saying goodbye to her rips something out of my heart, and takes a lot out of me.

My self esteem is lower than it's been in my life, and my job continues to leave me unfulfilled and frustrated. I feel that depression is trying to creep back up on me and I'm fighting with all I have, but just like before, all I can think of is getting home and shutting down.

I'm not saying this for attention or pity, or to try to find someone to offer a solution. This blog is a journal of my life, and this is my life right now. Hopefully in a few years I'll read this back and remember this dark period, and think how glad I am that I was able to pull through it and feel good again.

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