Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Remember You!

Sometimes I have the strangest feeling that there are people in my life that I've always known. And I don't mean I've known them since I was a kid, I mean I've known them "forever". My husband and I both felt that way with our children. During both pregnancies, somehow we already knew what their personalities would be like. When I was first carrying my son, we didn't have a boy name picked out, but we did have my daughter's name picked out. When we found out the child was a boy we were excited, but instantly both of us had a little sadness that the girl wasn't coming. Somehow we knew she was waiting, and would come to us soon. Two years later, she did.

When my daughter was about three, she would say how she remembered playing with her Grammy when Grammy was a little girl. They played in a field and picked flowers. At first we tried to explain to her that Grammy was a grown up when she was born, but that did not change her insistence on the subject.

I believe there are old souls in this world and newer souls. The older I get, the more I believe we may be sent back here to learn the things we just didn't get the last time around. And maybe we come back with some, but not all of the same people. Maybe that's why we are drawn to certain people, and feel instantly comfortable with them. Maybe that's why some friends come in to our lives at an early age and even with long periods of not seeing each other, we know we must never fully lose contact with them.

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