Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who's Your Inner Critic?

We all do it. Say something wrong or make a mistake. Make a bad call or say something we shouldn't have said. Then, it happens. We replay the scene over and over in our heads until we succeed at beating the shit out of ourselves. We punish ourselves much harder than anyone else would punish us. Why do we do that? Dr. Eve says it's our Inner Critics.

It is believed we each possess seven Inner Critics. When you go inside and actually get to know an Inner Critic part, it’s surprising to learn that it is actually trying to help you (even though it is really causing trouble). This makes it possible to make a personal connection with a Critic rather than fighting it, and this helps it to let go of its judgments.

Dr. Eve suggested a website with a questionairre that helps us identify which critics may be causing us problems. If you're interested in taking the quiz, and learning more about your Inner Critics, here's the website:


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