Monday, November 1, 2010

Having A Hard Time Losing My Quit

I had the pleasure of meeting Biggest Loser Season 8 Winner, Danny Cahill a few weeks ago, and he told us all to "Lose Our Quit". But I can't seem to Lose My Quit. I haven't had the inspiration to write in my journal, I haven't had the desire to eat properly, and I certainly haven't felt like exercising.

I keep thinking I need to have other people around me who are on track, but Sara is on track and so is Scarlet. That's not helping either.

I wore my black wrist band that says "Lose Your Quit", but that didn't work. Then today I spent a few hours in the hospital waiting room, which always seems to be inundated with unhealthy, overweight people. Today was no exception. But even though I noticed it, I still walked away with my "Quit" completely in tact.

Maybe I need to print out the photo of Danny Cahill and myself. That might give me a little motivation.

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