Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things We'd Rather Not Know

Whenever I start talking about meat, my dad tells me to stop. He's not disputing what I say, he's simply just decided he doesn't want to think about it. It's so easy not to think about unpleasant things. But the fact is, there are more than one billion broiler chickens in the United States -- more than three birds for every person in the country.

Chicken is cheap. Eggs are REALLY cheap. American consumers have no idea of the impact they are having on farm families every time they get a "great deal" on these mass produced products we buy every week at the mega mart. But if you are buying these products you are forcing American farmers to "go big or get out".

I haven't preached this in awhile, but get to know your food. Ponder the fact that while everything else in the world is getting more expensive, meat and eggs are getting cheaper. Do a little research about the farms that produce the foods you and your family eat. But most important, support your local farm families!

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