Saturday, October 19, 2013

Are The Skies Finally Clearing?

It’s been the strangest few weeks.

You know that feeling you get when it’s rained, even stormed for a really long time, and you start to feel it’s going to rain forever, then it suddenly stops? The skies slowly begin to clear. The clouds are still above you, but you see clear skies, maybe even the sun in the distance?

That’s how I feel inside.

I feel as if I’ve crossed over in to some new chapter in my life. A lot of things have happened to me. For the past weeks I’ve felt numb about writing. There was just nothing in my head. But now I feel like I’m feeling like the skies are clearing, and I’m beginning to know where I want to go. I may not be there yet, but maybe I at least know where I’m going.

I’m on vacation for the next couple of weeks, and hope to be able to write. Don’t give up on me.

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