Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just A Number?

This whole turning 50 thing just continues to interest me. 

Two of my classmates were battling cancer when they turned 50 earlier this year. Neither of them even knew they had cancer at Christmas time. Now another classmate suffered a stroke this week, just 11 days after his 50th birthday.

Like it or not, I think 50 is a milestone. Even if you believe it's just a number, your body knows otherwise. It's time to start taking care of ourselves, eating right, getting exercise, and recognizing. warning signs when our body gives them to us. 

The whole concept of "I'll lose weight one day", or "I'll start working out one day", is no more. You can no longer ignore high blood pressure, or other risk factors that could literally be putting your life in danger.

So far, all three of my classmates stories have had a happy ending. The two cancer victims are now cancer free. And the one who suffered a stroke recognized the early warning signs, and got help before he suffered devastating effects.

Yeah, 50 is just a number, but it's a number we can't ignore. Our bodies are changing, and if we want to see 60, we have to respect that.

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