Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I See The Bad Moon Risin'

When the moon is full, it shines through the blinds in my bedroom. When I lay down on my bed, I can usually see it very clearly. 

The moon is full tomorrow, and has been peeping at me for two nights now. 

I'm full of emotion tonight. A friend's daughter moves into her dorm at college tomorrow and I watched her cry her heart out tonight as the realization hit. She's very excited, but that reality of leaving home hit hard tonight. 

Also, the stress of the kids going back to school has taken a major toll on me this year. Financially, I am tapped out. Emotionally, I am drained from working out logistics non stop for the past few weeks. 

I wouldn't say I've become a lunatic, but the moon has captivated me tonight, and I definitely feel its powers physically pulling on my body and my mind. 

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