Friday, August 9, 2013

August 50

In July a friend of mine turned 50. He's not a reader of Detach, but I told him about my 50th Birthday series, and he immediately agreed to write an article for me. 

Then, things got complicated. 

The guy has really gotten caught up in his thoughts, and has decided he has quite a bit to say on the subject, so he's still working on it. He promises to produce something soon. In the meantime, I will move forward with my August 50. 

Kat and I have been friends since 8th grade, and throughout the years,  we've never lost touch with each other. 

About 4 years ago, Kat became a widow, left alone to raise a teenage son. The two of them moved from the home where her husband had spent so many months sick, and where he ultimately died. They bought a new place and started a new life. I know there were some hard times at first, but they persevered. 

A year or so ago, Kat downloaded a weight loss app on to her phone. A few months later she had shed 50 pounds. Then Kat found a new passion. She started volunteering at the local animal shelter. A job she loves. 

I had dinner with Kat the night before her birthday, and she told me she was excited about turning 50. She said she's never felt better in her life, and having known her most of her life I can tell you she's never looked better. She's radiant! She just glows with happiness. But here's the kicker...that happiness comes from loving herself. It comes from feeling confident and being healthy. You see, Kat doesn't have a romantic partner in her life and she will be the first to tell you she is perfectly fine with that. I am absolutely certain that the key to her contentment is being happy with who she is.  She's  not waiting around, desperate for another person to validate her or make her feel important. She's important to herself. 

Oh to bottle that. 

To be so happy with who you are that you don't thirst for constant validation from others. That is true independence. It's relaxed. It's fun to be around, and its sexy. 

Go Kat!  You really are rockin 50!

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