Sunday, December 2, 2012

Best Christmas Ever Part 3

Back in the day, my friends and I played board games pretty much every day. My games were often under the tree at Christmas. They would be an easily identifiable gift.

The games we played over and over and over again, were Clue, Masterpiece, Monopoly, and my all time favorite, Life.

I would say I probably received that game for Christmas sometime around age 10, and I think it would be safe to say it was played hundreds of times. I was always the red car. There were little pink and blue plastic pegs that were used to represent the members of the family in that game.

My game looks like the one in this photo, but scrolling through images online, I see there have been numerous box design changes over the years, and a few variations of the game, such as a Spongebob themed one. Now there are versions of Life for your electronic devices as well. I once found a Life slot machine in Las Vegas, and won some money playing it.

A couple of years ago a new version of the game came out. Life Twists and Turns. It is a board game, but also electronic, and you get a debit card instead of paper money. I found it a little complicated, and not nearly as fun. I think we played it one time. Not worth the $35 I shelled out for it. But Santa got his money's worth with the original, which features a photo of Art Linkletter, and reads "I heartily endorse this game". Me too, Art!

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