Monday, September 19, 2011

Constant Craving

Going back to yesterday's post, let me be clear about something. Codependent people are not just codependent on their spouses or lovers. And they don't all have a relationship with an addict; it just so happens many of them do. People with codependent tendencies constantly crave approval, attention, and never ending praise and love from many other people. Friends, bosses, parents...pretty much everyone. They simply draw their energy and their self worth from other people. It isn't enough to know you are loved, you need to beTOLD you are loved--constantly. It isn't enough to know you did a good job, you need your boss to TELL you what a wonderful job you did. Codependent people cannot seem to be content within themselves. They need others to affirm, confirm, and provide never ending reassurance. They want to feel wanted and needed.

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