Monday, June 27, 2011

Let's Just Get This Over With

Later this week my sister and her daughter will both be in town for a visit. While they are here, one of the things on the list is to divide up my mom's jewelry. It's been over three years now since Mom died, and the jewelry is still right where my dad put it all--in a little velvet bag with a rope on it.

I realize it's just material things, and it means nothing to Mom anymore, but for some reason, the thought of dividing up her things just seems wrong to me. It's going to be very uncomfortable. I almost feel like we're pillaging her possessions. And somehow I feel a sadness for my Dad in all this. Like maybe he's thinking "Let the greedy daughters take what they want and go."

My mom didn't have a lot of expensive jewelry. In fact, the only thing I want is the Sicilian Hex ring ("My Mom" dated August 14, 2009). I'd like for my daughter to have a little something too. Other than that, they can have it all. I just want this to be over with, and I don't want there to be any arguing or hard feelings. It's not worth it. And I don't want to do this around my Dad. I think it would hurt him. And I'm quite sure if even one harsh word is spoken by any of us, he would snap. I hope they will just come to my house and let's get it done.

It would have been nice if Mom had written down her wishes for all her personal things, but she didn't. My sister says she has a document that my mom gave her at some point, but she doesn't know where it is. This only complicates things, because she thinks she knows who's supposed to get what....but she isn't sure.

I'll say it again....I just want this to be over.

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